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We take pride in having more and more industries getting associated with us. Beside financial benefit of getting associated with there is numerous intangible benefits.

• Admission fees Rs. 3000/- applicable to all.
• Annual subscription ranges from Rs. 1500/- to Rs. 25,000/- depending on annual consumption of rubber.
• Membership entails you to get special care and discount in testing/process and product development jobs.
• Download Membership Form Or Fill Online Membership Form below: • Waiver of additional 50 % or a total value of INR 2500/- whichever is lower will be offered on the first testing services along with the regular membership benefits.
• 10% Discount on all services availed from IRMRA viz. Testing, Training Development etc.
• Mobile App for sample submission and status update
• 2 Free consultations in a year at IRMRA office
• Access to IRMRA Library
• Priority service
• Additional discount in IRMRA workshop, seminars and conferences
• Monthly free seminars on different topics
• Quarterly newsletters with technical insights
• Access to other IRMRA members for a closed business group
• Customer Relationship Manager
• Offer for volume discount and rate contract

  • Declaration

    I/We undertake and agree that I/We will during my / our membership of the Association in all things conform faithfully and absolutely to all the said provisions of the Memorandum of Association and the Rules of the Association for the time being and I / We will in all things endeavour to further the objects of the Association.

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